Deze mensen laten zien wat doorzettingsvermogen met ze heeft gedaan

Zonder wilskracht ben je nergens. En al helemaal niet op het gebied van afvallen. Dat is een feit waar de onderstaande 11 doorbijters alles van af weten. Het kostte ze de nodige moeite, honger en zweetdruppels, maar ze hebben het toch maar even geflikt. Sommige van hen hebben hun doel al bereikt, anderen zijn er volgens eigen zeggen nog lang niet, maar zijn op de goede weg. En aangezien het met hun wilskracht wel goed zit, zal dat eindresultaat er uiteindelijk ook wel komen. Wat een doorzetters!

1. 92 kg kwijtgeraakt in 2 jaar

afvallen wilskracht

2. In 3 jaar tijd van 272 kg naar 104 kg


3. 90 kg in 2 jaar

In December I’ll be coming up on my 5th year anniversary with my husband. He has been there through it all. 200 lbs countless surgeries and obstacles. I appreciate that he has loved me at my heaviest and just as much as he loves me now. It really makes me sick all the men who think they can pursue me in my 120s and think they can wedge their way into my marriage. Nope. #weightloss #weightlosssurgery #wls #gastricbypass #rny #gastricsleeve #vsg #lapband #fitspo #fitspiration #beforeandafter

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4. Hij woog 160 kg en had diabetes, had een hoge bloeddruk en had last van ‘plantar fasciitis‘. Inmiddels is hij 80 kg afgevallen in 1 jaar tijd. Hij sport 6 dagen in de week en heeft geen last van diabetes meer

160 pounds down in 9 months.. From 337 pounds on March 11th which was my date of surgery in Mexico, to 177 pounds today.. The gastric sleeve surgery saved my life! Im Greatful!! #vsg #vsgjourney #vsginstacrew #wls #wlsmexico #rny #weightlosstransformation #weightlosssurgery #weightlosssupport #fitnessmotivation #fitness #health #nogymnoproblem #p90x #fat2fit

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5. Van 111 kg naar 65 kg

One of my favourite transformations @prime8nutritions 🍎
@prime8nutritions 🍏
@prime8nutritions 🍊
#transformationfitnation #health #fitgirls #thickandfit #fitness #cardio #strong #lift #training #weightlossjourney #getfit #beforeandafter #training #lifestyle #motivation #fit #exercise #vsg #gym #fitness #diet #follow #weightloss #burnfat #transformationtuesday #gym #Thehappynow #thatsdarling
#instadaily .
Follow @prime8nutritions for inspiring stories, tips, humor and a possible feature💞 . .

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6. 2012: 138 kg vs. 2016: 75 kg. En dat allemaal door een aangepast dieet, oefeningen en wilskracht


7. Zolang je maar wilskracht hebt kom je er wel!

That moment when you realize you need new scrubs 😂 In the good way. For all medical professionals who spend their lives in scrubs and sweats (what we put on after a long day at work) it is easy to not realize how tight your jeans might be getting. I am all for stretchy pants for life but I soon found that the pants just kept stretching. Keeping on track during the holidays is important. Don’t waste a whole year of work to overindulge and gain all of it back for some chocolate and sugar cookies. I started out 2XL unisex scrubs in top and bottoms. I finally had to get a small shirt and medium bottoms. WHAT’S your motivation today?? Xoxo, Heather 💕 #transformationtuesday

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8. Maart 2015 vs. oktober 2016

March 2015 – October 2016 • I keep forgetting to remember where I came from, it’s good to remind myself of what I’ve done. 🌸 #beforeandafter #beforeandduring #weightloss #weightlossjourney #extraskin #weightlosstransformation #weightlossinspiration #fitfam #fitnessfamily #extremeweightloss #EWL #fitmiss #teamdownpounds #fitmotivation #fitbit #changingmylife #fitlife #newme #newlife #lifestylechange #cleaneating #eatclean #obesetobeast #losingweight #fitmotivation #plussize #fattofit #fatnomore #doubletap #follow

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9. In 1,5 jaar tijd van 120 kg naar 65 kg

big warm WELCOME to all my new followers🙋🏽😘 here’s a snapshot of how far I’ve come and if you don’t know my story then read on for a quick recap. . ••••••••• at my heaviest, I weighed in at 120kgs 😬 (this was at the beginning of 2013) and it was around that time that I made some changes and decided to try and drop some weight-little did I know how far I would come! . ••••••••• I significantly reduced my calorie intake and portion sizes and cut out all fast food and alcohol. I began to exercise regularly (mostly cardio to begin with) and to be honest, my body responded way quicker that what I ever expected. by August of the same year I had lost 40kgs 👊🏼 way more than I ever thought I could lose or was hoping to lose. throughout these 7 months I stuck to clean, whole foods and kept training, there were NO supplements, tablets or quick fixes-I worked hard! my motivation was the weight loss I was seeing along with peoples amazing reactions and compliments, and of course fitting into normal clothes! . ••••••••• I began to incorporate crossfit and weight based functional training along with cardio and it took me a total of 18months (around June 2014) to reach my lowest weight, which was 65.4kgs-a loss of 54.6kgs (but let’s just call it 55kgs 😂) since then, I have successfully kept the weight off and due to muscle gain and a more balanced lifestyle, I am now sitting at around 70-75kgs👌🏼 ••••••••• by sharing my story, I really want people to see that it is achievable! I never set out to lose 55kgs, I honestly thought I would struggle to get under 100kgs, so don’t stop. I am still working on my body and honestly don’t know if I will ever be content, but I sure know that I am so proud of what I have achieved and especially of maintaining such a huge weight loss. . ••••••••• so thank you all for supporting my journey and reminding me of how far I’ve come. if you’re wanting to know even more about my journey check out the link in my bio ☝🏼️ I am absolutely overwhelmed with how quickly my account has grown already and can’t believe I’m almost at 30k ! I hope to inspire many more and can’t wait to change other women’s lives with my story 👏🏼

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10. Van 247 kg naar 97 kg


11. 75 kg kwijt in 2 jaar en 2 weken tijd


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Deze mensen laten zien wat doorzettingsvermogen met ze heeft gedaan