A. de Jong
A. de Jong Kunst 18 apr 2018

Ballpoint Papi is de koning van de absurdistische ‘fan art’

Kunst hoeft niet altijd mooi te zijn om indruk te maken, dat weten we al eeuwen. Iemand die dit gegeven onderstreept, is Ballpoint Papi, ook wel bekend als Twitter Picasso. Hij maakt met fan art van voornamelijk hiphopartiesten en basketballers deelt die op Instagram.

Nou doen wel meer mensen dat, maar Ballpoint Papi doet het met de ouderwetse balpen en papier en heeft met zijn absurdistische vervormingen een unieke stijl waarmee hij keer op keer weer een glimlach op ons gezicht tovert.

Compilatie van het werk van Ballpoint Papi



@migos fan art. Their new music video lit tho

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@theweeknd fan art (I started this drawing of the weekend 5 years ago that’s why he has his old hair style. I spent 2 years in the American state of canadia where the weeknd comes from drawing this. The paper is from the bark of a 4,000,000 year old maple syrup tree and the pen I used was crafted out of a moose antler it was the alpha moose of the saskatchewan pack. I wrestled the beast myself with my bare hands.

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@russwest44 fan art. After hearing that this pimp averaged another triple double for the season I had to focus hard af to make sure I drew an exact replica of Russ’s face. The hair alone took 2 weeks just to make sure each strand was exactly the same. I even broke out the coveted Versace python pen I stole from @jodyhighroller ‘s crib last week because this occasion is so big.

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@50cent fan art. This is an interesting piece right here because technically I didn’t draw it. Yes that’s right I didn’t draw it. A few years back I decided to leave civilisation and go live with the ancient bayaka tribe in the Central African Republic. While there I came across a rare breed of rhinoceros that holds ink in its horn. It was terrorising the village it went by the name abayomi. Instead of murdering the beast for its extremely rare ivory horn pen I decided to train it. The process took months I physically and mental battled the beast everyday until it submitted to me. I was then able to ride it and control it by the ears to draw this fan art. It now protects the village it once terrorised.

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Ballpoint Papi is de koning van de absurdistische ‘fan art’