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Video’s en foto’s: duikers zwemmen met grootste witte haai ooit

Eerder deze week zag je een verzameling vintage foto’s van het onbezorgde leven op Oahu, Hawaii in de jaren 70. Minder onbezorgd word je van het uiterlijk van de grootste witte haai ooit gefilmd, waar duikers deze week op stuitten in de zee bij Oahu.

Video’s en foto’s: duikers zwemmen met grootste witte haai

Het gaat om een witte haai van zo’n 6 meter lang, Deep Blue genaamd. Het dier liet zich zien aan de kust van Oahu, Hawaii. Volgens Ocean Ramsey, marinebioloog en een van de duikers die met de monsterhaai besloot te zwemmen, kwam de witte haai af op de geur van een karkas van een dode potvis. Dezelfde witte haai, die volgens onderzoekers zo’n 50 jaar oud is, werd naar verluidt twintig jaar geleden voor het eerst gespot. Toen kreeg ze de naam Deep Blue. Sindsdien is het beest nog een keer in 2015 gespot, maar niemand die het in zijn hoofd haalde om gezellig met haar te gaan zwemmen. Nu gebeurde dat wel.

Giant great white shark thrills divers off Oahu

A rare great white shark identified as Deep Blue made an appearance off Oahu’s South Shore. Local diver Ocean Ramsey swam with the great white Tuesday. Video courtesy Juan Oliphant

Ocean Ramsey dook samen met professioneel natuurfotograaf Juan Oliphant (what’s in a name) het water in om unieke video’s en foto’s te schieten. “We zijn nog steeds in shock dat we bijna een dag in de buurt mochten zijn van dit zeldzame zeemonster”, aldus Ramsey tegen BBC News. “We zagen een paar tijgerhaaien tijdens het duiken en toen kwam ze ineens naar boven. Alle andere haaien verdwenen direct, maar de grote, mooie, zachte reus kwam alleen om haar rug even te krabben aan onze boot.”

Ocean Ramsey en Juan Oliphant op Instagram

Zowel Ocean Ramsey als Juan Oliphant hebben een Instagram-account. Daarop hebben ze beide een rits aan foto’s en video’s van dit unieke moment gedeeld. Hieronder een compilatie. Totaal krankzinnig. Nog een misschien overbodige disclaimer van Ocean Ramsey: ‘Ik raad mensen ten strengste af om ook bij een haai in het water te duiken. Hiervoor heb je extreem veel ervaring nodig’.

@oceanramsey gently guides one of the largest documented #GreatWhiteSharks away from our @oneoceandiving shark research boat in #HAWAII #Oahu The first great white shark I ever swam with was in 2005 off my home #Haleiwa with a similarly large great #whiteshark who also rocked the boat I was on at the time working with sharks. I guess I am lucky that history repeats and not much has changed which made me confident but not complacent during this encounter but what has changed is shark populations are severely declining but for the first time ever I’ve seen this huge shift in perception in the last 5 years mostly due to imagery and the work that @oceanramsey and the team at #oneoceandiving and @oneoceandiving program and conservation and research division does (with people like @mermaid_kayleigh and @forrest.in.focus ). I hope my conservation images like this help people to question their perceptions and realize the beauty, and importance of sharks and I hope that they inspire the kind of compassion and connection we need to have with nature and sharks, to help protect them and #coexist along side them. You don’t have to love them but they do need to exist, they are absolutely critical for the health of marine ecosystems which all life relies on. Yesterday I filled up 500gb with just photos so many more videos and photos to share from this incredible encounter that lasted al day. #grateful #helpsavesharks #savesharks #sharks #shark #discoversharks #greatwhiteshark #sealegacy #oneoceanconservation #greatwhiteshakhawaii #whitesharkhawaii

51k Likes, 1,922 Comments – Juan Oliphant #JuanSharks (@juansharks) on Instagram: “@oceanramsey gently guides one of the largest documented #GreatWhiteSharks away from our…”

Face to face with the worlds largest great white ever recorded “Deep Blue” with @oceanramsey. I’m still in shock that we spent almost the whole day with this amazing animal in my backyard. I haven’t slept in almost two days and spent all morning looking for her today with no luck so far, as long as there is a chance I will do every I can to make it happen again. #endangeredspecies #extinctionisforever #notgivingup #unicorn #fingerscrossed #oahulife #ApexPredatorNotMonster #cagethefear #hawaii #whiteshark #sharks #DeepBlue #greatwhiteshark #helpsavesharks shot by #juansharks using [email protected]_imagingsolutions @canonusa @xcelwetsuits @cressi1946 @north_sails @guayaki @oakley #oneocean #onechance

34.5k Likes, 848 Comments – Juan Oliphant #JuanSharks (@juansharks) on Instagram: “Face to face with the worlds largest great white ever recorded “Deep Blue” with @oceanramsey. I’m…”

This is a photo I took from yesterday that really justifies this sharks size with @oceanramsey swimming just underneath her pectoral fin. The reality is that this experience should not be such a rare event. White sharks and most species of sharks are disappearing at a alarming rate. There are so many human impacts, but the biggest reason that these impacts on shark populations continue is the perception that sharks like Deep Blue are monsters and that they are actively targeting humans as a food source. This perception and fear of sharks stops people from caring enough to make a change. However I’m seeing the change in perception grow and it needs to keep growing. This caption below is a repost from @originaldiving – – – – – – If this photo demonstrates one thing, it’s that sharks are not man-eating monsters to be feared or hunted, they are beautiful, living marine creatures that should be respected and protected – shark numbers are dwindling from fishing pressures and by spreading awareness you can help international efforts to preserve these gentle giants. #cagethefear #replacefearwithfacts #ApexPredatorNotMonster #helpsavesharks #savingjaws diving with @oneoceandiving team @mermaid_kayleigh @forrest.in.focus @camgrantphotography

34k Likes, 928 Comments – Juan Oliphant #JuanSharks (@juansharks) on Instagram: “This is a photo I took from yesterday that really justifies this sharks size with @oceanramsey…”

Post via @oceanramsey Disclaimer: I highly discourage people from jumping into the water purposely with Great #WhiteSharks and TigerSharks and all sharks should be given respect as space as wild animals and PROTECTION from wasteful killing for their important ecological role. I work daily in the water with sharks as a shark biologist and teach public and professional safety programs through @OneoceanResearch and @OneOceanDiving and through a number of our international projects which also includes #greatWhiteShark research specifically. I try hard to replace fear with scientific facts and encourage a healthy level of respect for sharks as #apexPredatorsNotMonsters but not puppies…but not monsters. They are sharks and I love and respect them for what they are. Yes I absolutely LOVE sharks and have a deep understanding and respect for their capabilities combined with well over a decade of full time experience working in-water with them. My life mission, passion, and I think purpose is to help further conservation efforts for them through research, conservation, design, and immersive and impactful programs and outreach. Please check out all the divisions of #OneOceanDiving listed below for more information and please help us to ban #sharkfinning #sharkfishing #sharksportfishing and #sharkculling around the world. I just found out the the bill to ban the purposeful killing of sharks and rays in Hawaii will be re-introduced this year in both eh house and senate following all the positive shark press that has come from this incredible encounter in the last few days. Mahalo nui loa (thank you) to all those who support efforts for shark and marine conservation. #gratitude #helpsavesharks #finbannow #sharkarma #savesharks #Sharkconservation #sharkresearch. IMAGE © MY AMAZING FIANCE @JUANSHARKS co-founder of @oneoceandiving and @waterinspired also diving with my amazing one ocean shark ohana @mermaid_kayleigh @Forrest.in.focus and @camgrantphotography Photo credit: #JuanSharks #JuanOliphant @JuanSharks Photo of a massive 20ft gorgeous female white shark and a rough tooth dolphin swimming up to me in my home waters of #Hawaii #Aloha #MalamaManō #Aumakua #Manō

30.7k Likes, 524 Comments – Ocean Ramsey #OceanRamsey (@oceanramsey) on Instagram: “Post via @oceanramsey Disclaimer: I highly discourage people from jumping into the water purposely…”




Wat je moet doen als je door een haai wordt aangevallen? Dat zie je in deze geïllustreerde video.

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Video’s en foto’s: duikers zwemmen met grootste witte haai ooit